Thai massage

Thaimassage can be individually adjusted to your needs/preferences. If there are no medical/health problems, it is suited for anyone. Our Massage promotes the prevention of health, and the conservation or recovery of physical balance. If you do have health problems, talk to your doctor first.

A Thai Massage can hurt a little. The energy lines are avtivated by pressuring them. The sensation of pain is different for each person and depends on many factors. So don'T hesitate and tell us if the pressure is (not) alright for you during the massage.

For Germany: No it is not covered by health insurance. Only certain therapeutic medical massages are covered, Thai massage is not one of them.

No. Just traditional Thai massages are offered.

In case of inappropriate actions, the Massage will be terminated immediately.


Yes, we only work by appointment. Please also contact us if you need to cancel an existing appointment.

During the Massage, our undivided attention is for our guest. You wouldn't want us leaving the room for that either, do you? You can also reach us through our email or whatsapp. We will return your call or message as soon as possible.

You can only pay in cash at the moment.


Vouchers you can purchase in our massage salon.  

The voucher is not linked to a specific Person, so can be re-gifted...

Although the massage is specified on the voucher, you can choose any other massage as long as you pay for the difference in price, if there is any

Returning the voucher for cash is not possible.

Please watch your voucher as if it were cash. We are not able to replace lost vouchers. We are obliged to redeem a voucher as soon as it is presented to us. Regardless of whether the Person is entitled to have the voucher or not. If we would issue a replacement voucher and later, someone with the original voucher would come to us, we would have to redeem the voucher for the second Time.